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Feeling Overwhelmed And Don't Know Where To Start When It Comes To Video? Start Here!!


You will make a MASSIVE difference in the way you run your business making videos you LOVE. In this 7-Day Challenge for improving your videos, Rachel from Girl Director Academy will reveal some very important foundational secrets that you want to be aware of so your videos have the most IMPACT. :)

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Hi There!  

Welcome to Girl Director Academy! We are dedicated to empowering women just like you to step up and be the director you were born to be. So you can create content that changes lives, increases your income and gets you out there. Video is sooooo EXCITING and EASY when you know what to do. We HELP women all over the world to create amazing content they are proud of. Videos that engage your clients, that increase your income. Videos you love to make and VIDEOS that inspire new thinking. We believe the future of marketing is all about stories, interviews, engagement and creating content.  

There are too many women feeling OVERWHELMED with the video process, so we put this challenge together to help you. There's so much cool stuff to learn when it comes to making your own videos, whether you want to make online programs, videos for your Facebook Ads, website tutorials or just to make great video blogs. In this FREE video challenge we give you valuabe, foundational skills that you will want to implement straight away. I KNOW that you are going to LOVE these videos. The feedback so far has been amazing. It is helping women all over the world and is just a taste of what we teach. If you have anything that comes up for you as you start going through the challenge, we would love to hear from you... Your wins and excitement, your questions and challenges. Reach out for the help you need, and make sure you share this content if you are finding this valuable information, as it could help someone else get out there in the world. We want to make a difference, so we encourage you to Pay It Forward...  


Remember, it's totally free.


Want to jump ahead? Don't want to get stuck with the nuts and bolts and no instructions?

Start learning the secrets of video, online programs and marketing straight away. Schedule a time to talk to GD directly and find out all about how we can help you to grow your business with video. The first session is FREE.


At Girl Director we run a Mastermind training program called The Ripple Effect that is custom designed to your business goals and needs. It covers Video, Marketing with Video, Online Programs, Business Coaching, Technical Training, Branding and most importantly, Mindset. All of this is provided with the intention of helping you to grow your business and create the lifestyle you truly desire from your business goals.

Everyone has different challenges and different needs. Everyone wants to grow their business. However, not everyone has the same obstacles and blocks. We all have different gaps in knowledge. Some people need help with strategy while others need technical training. For some it's about getting down to the basics of business management - cashflow, profit margins, resourcing and financial management.

Rachel Dunn and Michael Hole are the founders of Girl Director Academy. They are both in their 40's and between them have over 35 years professional Video and TV experience; Rachel with many years as a Music Video director. Michael has over 15 years in Video and TV, as well as 20 years in business, finance and IT. This is a highly successful video production company. 

Michael and Rachel started working together in Girl Director 5 years ago and have been transforming all kinds of businesses with video ever since.

From coaches to medical doctors, inventors to videographers, financial planners, fitness professionals, jewellery makers and wine makers. We work with all kinds of businesses. The only criteria is that you must be passionate about what you do!

If you’d like to know more about our training programs, then get in contact with us HERE. We will spend some time with you to understand your business, what you're looking to create and what you’re really excited about making happen in your life with video and online programs. It's all about focusing on what you love!