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How To Grow Your Business With Video And Social Media


Sunday 16th December 2018

This is our last workshop for 2018 so jump on now so you're ready to hit your video marketing hard in 2019. Only a few spots left.

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Why wait until next year when you can learn now. Start 2019 knowing exactly what videos will help you grow your business. The marketplace is more saturated than it used to be and there are 2 things you want to be doing to make sure you stand out above the noise.  

In 4 hours you will learn exactly what videos are working on Facebook right now. You will learn what gear to use, what strategies our clients have used to double their business using one campaign.  

You will learn how to write your video scripts and have a template to use every time.  

You will also learn about what lighting works for what space and secrets in making sure you look your best every time.  

Join us for the last workshop of 2018. We are here to help you grow your business and change the world with your content. Don’t settle for boring videos. When you can create anything you really want to stand out. 

Make professional videos for your business to STAND OUT and attract your perfect clients. In this LIVE Video Workshop you will get hands-on help with how to use your iPhone/Android phone and a simple set of equipment to make high quality videos, as well as how to market with them on Facebook.  

You will learn from video experts who love to teach and love working with passionate change makers like you. With over 30 years of professional experience in video and marketing, there's so much to learn from Girl Director.

Live Practical Video Workshop

with Rachel Dunn and Michael Hole from Girl Director

Rachel Dunn

Video Director, Designer and Mentor

Michael Hole

Video & Marketing Director and Mentor

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How to shoot and light your videos properly to make them more professional and stand out.
  • A proven method of how to create your first video blogs and marketing videos, including the process you need to make sure people are engaged in your content, so they don't switch off and you get a return on investment (ROI) for your advertising.
  • Our simple, powerful process for scripting your videos (that you can use over and over into the future).
  • Learn how best to use video in your advertising on Facebook to reach a targeted audience.
  • Get our gear list and iPhone editing training so you have the tools you need to get started now. 
  • Camera Confidence tricks for being yourself on camera & how to make sure you look your best. 
  • Walk away with the skills you need to start making quality videos straight away without having to pay professionals to do them for you. You'll be amazed what you can do without blowing the budget.

Workshop Times:



Sunday, December 16, 2018

9:00am - 1:00pm AEST (QLD)

Buderim Tavern, Sunshine Coast

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Video is the most important tool you can have for growing your business online today. It helps you to educate your clients and market your business 24/7. It enables you to be a global business from your laptop, allowing you to easily communicate your message faster than anything else out there.

Who Is Girl Director?

Rachel and Michael are Video Experts and Mentors with well over 30 years of professional video, film, TV and online video marketing experience between them. They teach people all over the world how to grow their businesses using video. They are passionate about helping you to create professional quality videos and be yourself on camera. That way you can make a real difference and promote your business, without feeling embarrassed on screen. Through the power of video your business will grow faster and become more profitable and scalable.


  • What is great about Michael and Rachel is they are really excellent communicators, and they're cheerleaders. They've been cheerleaders throughout this whole experience [...] and I know that, looking forwards, if I have a question I can contact them and they will get back to me pretty much as soon as they can. [...] Thanks to Girl Director. You really, really have to work with these guys." -- Dr Natasha Andreadis -- Gynocologist and Fertility Specialist

  •  They taught me so many things from business to videos, to even personal stuff, and I can just be grateful for all their help and all the love, you know, the care you guys gave me. And if you are thinking about doing some videos and your business can benefit from videos, I just recommend that you get working with Michael and Rachel as soon as you can because they are fantastic."

-- Alba Gomez -- Image Constultant and Stylist  

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