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Over 5 days I will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the process.

  • We will start by creating your compelling offer.
  • You will know who it is you want to talk to in all of your videos.
  • You will learn to write video scripts like a PRO

Each day you will receive an email with a short video lesson that will take you through all the steps you need to create your own Video Marketing Campaign. 

  • You will learn the Girl Director tried and tested method to turn video into high quality sales for years to come...
  • You'll learn about your options for editing your content.
  • Learn the things you need to do to get your offer to a wider audience.
  • You'll have leads flying into your database wanting your services.
  • Learn how to build a marketing machine that works on any platform (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, website and more!)
  • And you'll have a direct process of how VIDEO = SALES!


So many people come to us and say, "I've been told to make videos but how is it going to bring me sales?"

Well, video does a lot of good thing... It creates engagement, builds authority, saves time and so much more.

But this offer is going to teach you EXACTLY how we went from $0 - $20,000 a month in just a few short months with no database!

We have tried and tested so many other video marketing campaigns (webinars, pop up groups, short courses etc.) since then and this is HANDS DOWN the best in terms of results. AND it is still working 7 years later!!!!

Hi, I'm Rachel Dunn, and I have been a professional video director for TV, commercials and music videos for over 25 years. Over the past 10 years, my partner Michael and I have been teaching female entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses with video. The problem is, most people are attracted to the new shiny object and keep trying strategy after strategy without getting results. I really want to put a stop to this and make sure you use your time to create a video marketing campaign that will work for years to come.

So this FREE training is to get you started on your video marketing journey. And if you want to learn more afterwards, well there's plenty of training we have available in our Girl Director Academy! 

This training is for you if you want more sales that high quality and want to learn from the experts.

I know marketing can be overwhelming when you start, but this campaign is tried and tested... and it works!

It's time for you to embrace video marketing. With the world going online it is more important than ever to get your marketing right and create a campaign that will bring you hot leads hungry for your products. The time is NOW. The sooner you jump on board with this, the sooner your video marketing strategies will get better and start performing at their optimum.

Once you have taken this 5-Day Training, we'd love to hear how it went. The trick is, to implement what you have learnt in the videos straight away. Each video adds on to the last and by the end you will have a marketing machine that works for you while you sleep. AND it works on any platform!

Remember to have fun and we'd LOVE to hear how you are going and what doors are opening up for you now that you are using video.

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