LIVE, Online, and Interactive

Lights, camera, clients
A Video Marketing Workshop For


Learn the essential video skills you need as a coach

to create business growth and a big impact.

Without the fear, self-sabotage, overwhelm, and wasted time.


LIVE, Online, and Interactive

Lights, camera, clients
A Video Marketing Workshop For


Learn the essential video skills you need as a coach

to create business growth and a big impact.

Without the fear, self-sabotage, overwhelm, and wasted time.

In every single coaching, business, launch, or membership training you've done, I bet you were told to make a video...

Whether it is with Marie Forleo, Jeff Walker, or any of the other incredible coaches out there,

But the one thing we find over and over is that no one tells you exactly how.


How do you create video content to generate sales? How do you speak on camera with authority and say something different than the other 5,000 coaches out there?

How do you learn the most important tool for your coaching business - video - and save a whole lot of time and money by doing it the right way?

Calling All Female Coaches

Most coaches underprice their expertise. Is that what you do? This causes stress, burnout, resentment, and anxiety.

So many coaches lack confidence in selling themselves and aren't clear on how to talk to people about what they do.

Or, they just take too long to explain it and lose people - by not getting to the point succinctly. 

We are running a workshop just for Coaches. We are going deep into using video for visibility and sales! 

You are not walking out of there without knowing how to show up on video and share your inspirational world so people want to be proud to be a part of it. 

This workshop will stretch you. Your awareness will change. You will see where the opportunities are right now you can tap into.

In this short, sharp impactful session you will:

  • Get yourself celebrity ready (find out what it takes to tap into the big media opportunities).
  • Learn how to uplevel your brand - such as your video background, and images, and change the perception of how people see and respond to you.
  • Viral videos - where the opportunities are now and how to go viral.
  • Subconscious 360 techniques to shift how you see yourself.
  • Easy video sales tools.
  • How to turn a follower into a client using video.
  • Have two video projects you'll work on with us during the workshop. 

Become a compelling video marketer and a leader, not a follower.

Your Video Mentors...

This power couple is anything but ordinary. Rachel Dunn and Michael Hole are the co-founders and visionaries behind the Girl Director brand - a corporation that includes both their Agency and Academy.

Rachel is brilliant at coming up with creative visual ways for business owners to be represented using video. Her ideas are new, innovative and ahead of the times.

Michael is a problem solver. He is fantastic at breaking down complicated into simple processes. He loves diving deep to ensure you are getting the results you need.

The Girl Director team are supportive and experts in their own right.
Every trainer, coach, and facilitator brings their own magic to the table.

If you're a coach in the online space and you're not comfortable on video, you need to fix that ASAP!


Lights, Camera, Clients: A Video Marketing Workshop For Female Coaches

ONLINE: Two Hour Interactive Workshop

Date: Thursday 13 July

Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm
PLUS you'll get a Bonus, personalised 1:1 Session.

Cameras-on fully interactive Zoom room (not a faceless webinar).

AU$145 per person
(Includes a
Bonus 1:1 30min follow-up Coaching Session with Rachel, valued at $250 standalone)

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This is their thing, this is what they do!

  • They taught me how to get the quality of my videos a lot higher than what they were. They taught me the little technical tricks that they knew and have learned through their years and years and years of video production. And the result has been fantastic. I've learned so much, and I didn't know all the things that I didn't know. So you can't know these things just by doing some research because someone who, this is their thing, this is what they do… If you're thinking about joining them for mentorship, just do it and you'll be really really happy!”  

- Schellea Fowler, Fabulous 50s (The fastest growing YouTube channel in the world in her niche - currently with over 1.4M subscribers).

I wasn't qualified to make videos, but I had a message to share so I wanted to learn.

  • We all have a purpose in life, we all have a unique message and we get stopped because it can feel to hard.

    I wasn't qualified to make videos, I was a finance professional stepping into a new path where I felt like I had a message to share with the world, and I had to figure out how to do it.

    Rachel and Michael were brilliant, they broke it down step by step."  

- Sheila Vijeyarasa, Sheila V

Your business will benefit from video!

  • They taught me so many things from business to videos, to even personal stuff, and I can just be grateful for all their help and all the love, you know, the care you guys gave me. And if you are thinking about doing some videos and your business can benefit from videos, I just recommend that you get working with Michael and Rachel as soon as you can because they are fantastic.  

- Alba Gomez, Image Constultant and Stylist

We're so proud of the videos that we put out and our clients love them.

  • These guys are the BEST if you need help making videos. As a small business we wanted to up level our video content. The service from the Girl Director team and subsequent growth we've had is way over and above what we expected.

    We also learnt how to streamline our workflows to make things easier and repurpose our videos. This saves time and makes it all much more achievable."

- Charley Hickey, Charley Yoga

Most people blend in and are forgotten. Don't let that be you! When you join us you'll also learn:

  • You will be in action with video.
  • We will bring our very best. Just being in the 'room' with us is transformational. The energy is electric. 
  • You will have breakthroughs and will see thousands of dollars of opportunities you can tap into.
  • You will understand how to present on camera with confidence and authority.
  • You will be able to CONFIDENTLY make those videos any time the need arises.

The I don’t like myself on camera story, or I don’t like video story, is not serving you.

If you aren’t visible and mastering the best asset you have at your fingertips. You are missing out.

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